Peggy Day

Twelve years ago, Sausalito resident Peggy Day helped a very poor community in Tibet build a home for orphaned children.  She has been working and building there ever since and will return there with a small group this summer.  Peggy hopes to interact and inspire the children to seek out new careers so that they can have a successful future.


My group and I will begin with two days in Beijing to see places such as The Great Wall of China, the Forbidden City, and Tienanmen Square. From Beijing, we will fly up to the Tibetan Plateau and arrive in Lhasa, Tibet, at 11,800”.  The sky there is an unbelievable blue and the air is very thin so we will need to move mindfully as we acclimatize.  Our game plan is to have a little food, a little rest and a lot of water as we stroll with our cameras to the Barkor – a sacred pilgrim’s path, a lively marketplace and a social center for Tibetans.

The hotel we will stay in is in the heart center of the Tibetan community, and is full of history.  Once the palatial residence of religious royalty, it is newly refurbished with electricity. modern plumbing, and spacious rooms decorated in a traditional style with Tibetan antiques. The meals are also amazing! We are looking forward to the luxury!

Based out of Lhasa, we will visit the great Drepung Monastery and see two nuns meditating and living in a nearby cave, watch monks debate with hands clapping, foot stomping and beads flying at Sera Monastery, witness the devotion as we circumambulate the great Jokhang Temple with pilgrims from remote areas (it’s a photographer’s dream!), and explore surrounding areas that are unique and off the beaten path.


Because of the political history between Tibet and China and our loyalty to the Dalai Lama, some people have taken sides.  We can’t change history but we can make it better for the future.  By visiting Tibet, we show the Tibetan people that we respect what is most precious to them.  Their history, culture and tradition has been built on Buddhism and we will meet people – nuns meditating in caves for years, a doctor from the School of traditional Medicine, a caretaker monk from the Potala Palace-who are still trying to keep that tradition in their lives.  We will also be spending time with 28 orphaned children whom we hope to inspire for their future.  It is a heart-expanding experience.

Your participation in this program is hands-on support for Tibetans in Tibet as well as $150 of the trip cost is $150 tax-deductible donation to Chushul Home through the Sacred Earth Foundation.  We will use that for a shopping trip to Lhasa with the children so you can see how far we can stretch a dollar.


Every day, I will introduce my fellow travelers to some of the very special places that have inspired and empowered me over the last 25 years.   We’ll summit the magnificent Potala Palace, now a world heritage site, and many of the historical places and monuments around and in Lhasa. I also plan to take everyone who would like to join me to sacred spaces that I have discovered.  We plan to travel to these sites by foot, boat, yak or horse.


Arriving at the airport, you are suddenly at 11,800’.  However, thankfully there are ways to minimize discomfort.  You simply have t take it easy and move at your own pace, making sure that you have plenty of food, water, and nutrition to keep your body fueled.

Getting There:

We will be flying non-stop to Beijing, with a layover for two nights to see the sights of the Chinese capitol, before flying up to the Tibetan Plateau.  We will depart through Chengdu for a night so we can visit the Panda Sanctuary before returning home through Beijing.  We may go on a horse trek in Mongolia before meeting the group in Beijing and going on to Tibet and we hope to stop in Hong Kong before returning home.

Who would you recommend this trip to:

Anybody interested in a personal and in-depth introduction to Tibet. I actually own a travel business, Peggy Day Adventures, and I welcome everybody who is interested in inspiring the children of Chushul Home to join me on this trip. This journey is already being given as a high school graduation present and it is wonderful because the interaction between the Tibetan and Western youth is priceless – guitar-playing, break-dancing and becoming fast friends.

Your participation in this program is hands-on support for Tibetans in Tibet as well as $150 of the trip cost is $150 tax-deductible donation to Chushul Home through the Sacred Earth Foundation .  We will use that for a shopping trip to Lhasa with the children so you can see how far we can stretch a dollar.


One response to “Peggy Day

  1. Hi Peggy:

    I would love to find out more. I’ve written a kids yoga book with silly and fun rhymes to teach yoga postures and am raising my 14 year old son now. I would like to see if this may fit into our plans over the next few years and I really see myself traveling and teaching in other parts of the world. Not withstanding ego, I am an incredible healer, mom, performance artist and community artist and activist. Some groups that I have been featured with have been NPN, Carpetbag Theatre and The Glowing Body in Knoxville, Tennessee. I lived in New York over 20 years and am part of the Kundalini community of New Mexico. I wish you love, luck and many more years of success with this incredible venture of love and compassion.

    Namaste, Jai Ma, Sat Nam and Healing light,


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